Florida Mold laws

Florida Mold Laws and Statutes

In Florida, especially just recently, there has been an uptick of news stories pertaining to mold in the media. Coupled with a constant stream of complaints to Florida housing, HUD, Dept of health…there has been new regulation passed with some mold laws and Florida mold statutes still in the works to this very day.

As most of the mold laws and legislation being based upon mold removal contractor certification, leaving the in depth and technical verbiage dealing with mold remediation itself being barely touched upon my if not obsolete or extremely confusing, or convoluted as to be loosely interpreted.

At any rate, we are in constant communication with the powers that be, the media, and have many related industry connections that help keep us in the loop with the ever changing Florida mold laws and related mold rules, regulations, and mold removal guidelines in FL.

We hope you have an easier time understanding our interpretation of what the current mold laws in Miami Beach, Florida may or may not be interpreted as.

Florida mold laws, mold litigation and statutes for mold removal contractor certification

Florida mold laws, mold attorneys and statutes for mold inspections

Florida mold laws, mold attorneys and statutes for mold testing

Florida mold laws, mold attorneys and statutes for mold removal and remediation.

Florida mold laws, mold attorneys and statutes

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