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Florida Renter Tenant Mold law

Are you currently experiencing issues with your landlord over toxic mold growing  in your home or building?

If so, you should know that as there are laws in place pertaining to mold removal in Florida, they are not very thorough nor in depth in regards to remediation practices.

When it was comes to mold in a rentalunit, however, the laws are much clearer and more defined.

When dealing with landlord tenant law and mold issues, there are basically a few major mold remediation laws and guidelines laying out how these types of cases should be handled.

For example, if your landlord is aware of mold growing in a rental unit and decides to lease it without properly eradicating the mold, the landlord would then be open to a wide range of potential mold lawsuits.From negligence, to bodily harm, lost wages, medical bills, emotional distress, etc.

If however, you happen to find mold growing and legitimately believe that the landlord had no idea, then the landlord simply needs to have a state certified mold remediation company come out and remove the toxic mold.

Florida Landlord-Tenant Law and New Mold

When it comes to discovering mold that you believe is fairly new and from what could be considered normal wear and tear, the Florida Mold laws are a bit less defined in our opinion.

Basically, the Florida Mold laws are usually interpreted as either the landlord has to properly remove the toxic mold as to bring the rental unit back into a safe and habitable dwelling, or the tenant can have it completed by professionals and the landlord foots the bill.

Obviously there are many ins and outs of the official Florida Mold laws and Florida statutes pertaing to to mold, and it is always advisable to speak with a professional Florida Mold lawyer for accurate legal assistance.

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