Official Florida Mold Certification Information

Florida Mold Laws, Rules, Guidelines, Statutes, and Regulations

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The official Florida Mold certification process for mold remediation professionals is fairly in depth compared to other occupations.

As mold professionals have to deal with a wide array of potentially hazardous materials, coupled by the normal mold removal and home repair services, it is no wonder why this particular occupation needs to have a fairly in depth understanding of not only mold, but more so, a vast understanding of general contracting and home repair services.

In Florida, any person or company that would like to assist the general public with mold assessment, inspection, and/or mold remediation services must be state certified and licensed to do so.

There are several accredited mold remediation trsing and certification organizations that can assist you with becoming a state certified Florida mold assesor and/or Florida mold remediator.

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Florida Mold Laws

Florida Mold Rules

Florida Mold Guidelines

Florida Mold Regulations

Florida Mold Certifications

Florida Mold Inspectors

Florida Requirements for Mold Remediation

Florida Landlord-Tenant Law

Florida Mold Law for Renters

Mold Lawsuit Settlements Florida

Florida Renters Rights Handbook

Florida Department of Health On Mold

Florida Department of Health Indoor Air Program

Toxic Black Mold in Florida

Florida Home Insurance Claim for Mold

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