Official Florida Mold Laws for Renters

Florida Mold laws for renters

Florida Mold law for Renters were created to protect tenants from living in uninhabitable conditions. These specific set of Florida mold laws deals with how landlords and tenants work through issues pertaining to mold infestations and mold removal when mold is discovered on a leased property.

According to the official Florida Mold laws and statutes for Renters, the landlord is almost always held liable for mold and responsible for providing a safe and habitable living environment, especially when it comes to toxic mold in Florida. Thus, in most cases, the landlord is by law, required to properly and/or professionally have the mold removed. There are obviously many variables and extenuating circumstances, as an example; if the landlord knew about the mold problem, but informed the tenants of the problem, and had the mold removed. However, if the landlord did not tell the tenants, the landlord would have to pay for the mold remediation and any subsequent repairs to rectify the source of the extra moisture causing the mold to grow. If the landlord or property manager company dragd there feet with repairs and the tenants get sick then there is cause for a potential Florida Mold lawsuit.

Another example would be if the tenants were living in the unit and destroyed the place, and because of the tenants actions, mold started to grow. In this situation, the tenant would more than likely have to pay for the mold remediation and any other damage they caused.

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