Official Florida Mold Removal Requirement Information

Florida Requirements for Mold Remediation

What are the requirements for a mold remediation in FL?

As with most things in Florida, the Florida mold laws, rules, and regulations are quite vague and loosely termed. Although, as with just about everything in life, there are pros and cons; or sometimes a proverbial silver lining especially when relating to Florida mold lawsuits.

In Florida, if mold is discovered and it takes up an area of 10 sq. Ft. or more, then you will need to contact a state certified mold assessor and mold remediation company.

Here is what the official Florida Mold laws and statutes state about Florida Mold assessors and Mold remediation companies in Florida-

“468.8419 Prohibitions; penalties.

(1) A person may not:

(a) Effective July 1, 2011, perform or offer to perform any mold assessment unless the mold assessor has documented training in water, mold, and respiratory protection under s. 468.8414(2).”
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