Mold Remediation Services in Florida

What’s Involved in a complete mold remediation project ?

One very serious heath issue among homeowners is the threat of mold, as this can create various problems ranging from sneezing, itching eyes, skin infections to other allergic reactions including lung damage. In most cases, the average person has no clue as to what mold looks like and therefore they would not ever know how to locate any mold if it were growing inside of their house. However, this is where professional mold remediation service is a fine asset to have available when there is a need to resolve any issues with regards to the safe removal of mold and restore the conditions back to being a safe, clean and healthy home environment.

Mold can enter into the home through such areas as the vents, window, doorways and another place where air can easily get into the house. Wherever there is moisture is where mold can grow and with this fact brings the need for these types of professional mold removal contractors who have the necessary means towards eliminating fungus from the property and reduce the risk of health issues that can come in the form of coughing, wheezing, and it can even become very dangerous for people who have a pulmonary disease, as this can lead towards serious lung infection.

Whenever a home is plagued by this kind of fungus, there will always be the risk of a health hazard to the occupants of the household and the only sure way towards lessening or eliminating the threat of any mold spreading throughout the household is to seek the professionals who can rid the home of this fungus and create a healthier home environment that the entire household members can appreciate. Mold remediation service can be the answer to end any threat of mold plaguing the home and ensure that any home will be free of this fungus and the health risk it can create, making their services quite an important issue when wanting to maintain a safe and healthy home environment.

The complete Florida mold remediation process outline:

Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, Mold Removal- demo and removal of all hazardous waste, mold removal and mold remediation, mold prevention and growth inhibitors, etc.

Step 1- The state certified mold inspectors visit your home, office, or building to conduct a comprehensive mold inspection service.

Step 2-  Our mold inspectors will collect physical samples of mold, indoor air samples, and outdoor air samples to be sent over to our independent mold testing laboratory.

Step 3- The scientists at the 3rd party independent Florida mold testing laboratory will then forward over the results from the mold and air sample analysis, allowing us to complete our proprietary mold inspection report, and finally forward over to the client.

Step 4- Our NYC mold experts will then go through the mold inspection report, explaining each section in it’s entirety, while impressing upon the client the importance of a mold removal service, when and where applicable. After the client agrees to a complete mold removal service, the mold removal technicians jump into action, preparing the project for a safe and clean mold removal process.

Step 5- Before the mold removal process starts, our technicians will have to set up clean rooms, high density blowers, sealed ventilation systems, air cleaning and filtration systems, etc. After the initial set up, our mold removal specialists can get started removing and treating moldy contaminated materials, repairing the source(s) of moisture intrusion, treating infected areas, repairing any damage, and the final clean up and disposal of contaminated materials.

Step 6- The final step on our complete mold remediation process is the final sampling of the air inside and outside of the home. This will allow us to compare the results with the initial mold inspection to make sure the air inside of your home is clean and safe to breath.

Final Mold Clearance testing -> Home repair services -> Painting -> Cleaning

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