State Certified Mold Inspection Services in Miami, Florida

During the mold inspection process -a baseline comparison is conducted using high tech particle counters in the home as well as outside to determine the amount of negative particles that are in elevated levels compared to the outside of the premises.

Our professional and certified mold inspection Miami technicians visit your property for a full home mold inspection Miami, Florida. They typically take two mold samples which are sent to our lab for mold testing FL.-One of the samples is to check if there is mold in the air, and the other mold samples are swabs from thought to be infected areas of mold.

In addition , we use infrared cameras to show clearly what is present behind the walls, and moisture readers to determine levels of excess moisture or condensation behind the walls, which will determine the source of the mold growth-such as any moisture interference, water damage, past flooding, etc.

Within 2-3 business days we receive the lab results and submit them to you, along with a full report from our company detailing the findings of the technicians, such as:

1. If mold is present in the property.
2. The severity of the growth.
3. The treatment process necessary to remove the mold.
4. How to prevent the mold from reoccurring, along with standard and infrared images pertaining to your property.

The cost for a mold inspection service varies on a per client basis, which includes: before and after air testing and sampling, swab sampling, infrared technology, moisture readings, a detailed report clarifying the type of mold present, if it is toxic or non-toxic, how severe the growth is, how fast it is growing as well as the health symptoms relating to this
form of mold.

If the mold growth has escalated to another floor, additional tests are required at a cost of $100/test. If mold removal is necessary, the initial mold inspection fee usually gets applied towards the final cost of the entire mold removal process.

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