State Certified Florida Mold Removal Services

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Florida mold removal experts should employ the latest technology in mold remediation, these are examples of mold mitigation techniques utilized by state certified mold removal companies in Florida.

Outline of the General Mold Removal Process:

Step 1- Our mold inspectors in Florida visit your home, office, or building to conduct a comprehensive mold inspection service.

Step 2- Our mold inspectors will collect physical samples of mold, indoor air samples, and outdoor air samples to be sent over to our independent mold testing laboratory.
Step 3- The scientists at the Florida mold testing laboratory will then forward over the results from the mold and air sample analysis, allowing us to complete our proprietary mold inspection report, and finally forward over to the client.

Step 4- Our mold experts in FL will then go through the mold inspection report, explaining each section in it’s entirety, while impressing upon the client the importance of a mold removal service, when and where applicable. After the client agrees to a complete NYC mold removal service, our mold technicians jump into action, preparing the project for a safe and clean mold removal process.

Step 5- Before the Florida mold removal process starts, our technicians will have to set up clean rooms, high density blowers, sealed ventilation systems, air cleaning and filtration systems, etc. After the initial set up, our mold removal specialists can get started removing and treating moldy contaminated materials, repairing the source(s) of moisture intrusion, treating infected areas, repairing any damage, and the final clean up and disposal of contaminated materials.

Step 6- The final step on our complete mold remediation process is the final sampling of the air inside and outside of the home. This will allow us to compare the results with the initial mold inspection to make sure the air inside of your home is clean and safe to breath.

High Tech and Eco -friendly Mold Removal Services in Florida

*Hyper-sanding* -or high efficiency air particle sanding, is used on the contaminated studs after we remove the drywall.We sand them first and once they are sanded we come back and treat it with a biocide or other chemicals. These are biocides that basically kill off molds, bacteria, or other pathogens. Then we normally hyper-vacuum the surface and floor area to remove any spores that may have fallen to the ground. We wipe down all the walls with an antifungal solution to make sure that the *mold* spores that were released are now eliminated and of course we put in the negative air machine and air scrubbers. A negative air machine basically is a machine that filters out contaminated air and is exhausted outside through a flexed tube. Then we put in an air scrubber that actually takes the air and exchanges it several times per hour.

*Biocide fogging*. The fog actually eliminates the airborne *mold* spores so that once they’re eliminated in the air they fall to the ground and then we use a wet mop technique to finally get up all the *mold* spores and everything else. Of course, if its carpet that we are dealing with, we put down 6 mil poly on the floor to make sure that anything that falls while we are doing remediation falls on the actual polyethylene and we contain that area away from the rest of the home.
Barricade the room off by plastic so the *mold* spores won’t float into other areas of the house. Clean the *mold* off by sanding or wiping.

*Dry ice blasting.* Dry ice blasting is really revolutionizing the *mold* industry. We just go in and wire brush contaminated wood, then we use a dry ice blaster that actually uses ice pellets. When the ice pellets come out of the nozzle they turn into a CO2 gas.” The Co2 gas kills the *mold* and removes it from the surface immediately. This isn’t necessary in all cases.

Should I Get a Florida Mold Removal Service Guarantee?

Guarantees should be offered and based upon completion of any mold removal / mold remediation services performed, levels of fungi and/or mold growth will be removed from affected areas and should be substantially lower. In addition, the guarantee should include that no new mold will
reappear in the treated areas for up to 2 years from the date of the mold remediation.

Should there be a problem for any reason whatsoever, we will send a mold technician to the property to address the issue accordingly.
All guarantees are in effect once all pertinent fees are paid in full by the client.

Some Florida mold removal service experts are certified to use organic and ‘environmentally safe’ products,cleansers, technologies,and new methodologies to remove mold. Florida mold removal companies to exercise these methods have reportedly had excellent results.


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