DIY Mold Test

From the family of fungi, molds are little living organisms that rapidly multiply and grow in places that are damp. Normally, you would see molds in places like lakes, or even in some walls. As a matter of fact, they can grow in almost any type of climate and in any surface – flat, rounded, etc. These mushroom spores can be quite harmful most especially if inhaled, or worse, mixed up with the food that we eat.

There are also cases that molds build up inside the house. There are still some unknown reasons why moisture is being built up inside the home. Due to the moisture, the growth of molds and their multiplication process occurs. Bathrooms, roofs, kitchens, and water-damaged basements are just some of the few places inside the home where molds could appear. Since these mushroom spores serve as a health threat to most households, it is important that people know how to conduct a mold test, and if detected, eliminate these with mold removal products as soon as possible. Listed below are some DIY mld removal products wherein you could see and detect the presence of molds.

Know the characteristics of mold

Molds may be greenish, whitish, grayish or bluish in color. The very practical way to check the presence of mold is to know what molds look like. They appear like little cottons that build up in moist and damp places.

Molds also smell awful. Whenever you have detected some earthy odor, then it is most probably molds are already present. The smell of these molds can be noticed easily since they produce a soil-like smell which is pretty uncommon inside the house. Once you have detected the smell of these molds, you can easily get rid of these as long you have some mold removal products available.

Conduct a search which involves the whole house

We would never know when these molds would decide to multiply and live. These could stay within walls and places that are normally out of sight. Delegate one of your days in inspecting the whole house. If there were instances that your house was reached by flood, there is a slight possibility that there are toxic molds residing in your basement or garage. Try to do a thorough search.

How to Conduct a DIY Mold Test: Use DIY mold testing products or call a state certified mold assessor / mold inspector.

These are pretty available in the market – normally in home improvement stores and some local hardware stores as well. There should be no reason for you to worry, since a DIY mold testing product normally has instructions written at the back. Just follow the instructions given, and in no time, you would notice that there are molds that are hiding from the naked eye.

DIY mold testing products are effective as long as you trust the manufacturer, and as long as you follow their given instructions. DIY mold removal products offer these types of DIY mold testing kits. Once detected, you could use the company’s mold removal products to further get rid of these tiny organisms. For more information on how to get one of your very own DIY mold testing kits, please contact us or check out the links below.

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