Toxic Indoor Mold

Mold Problems in Your Home  

Mold exposure can cause a large number of health problems ranging from itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing which will irritate allergic reactions, asthma attacks and even lung damage. Many people are unaware of the many side effects that mold can cause on the human body and are living day to day with its side effects. Mold is currently growing in most homes across the United States. Mold is typically hard to find and in many cases household mold is ignored because it will resemble dirt or grime. If you are continuously feeling ill it could very well be because you have a mold problem in your home. Mold is commonly found in damp wet areas such as under sinks, basements and between walls.

Mold growth begins when the mold spore particles collide with moisture and dampness. When that happens the mold starts to nourish and evolve. Damp places in your home become a breeding ground for mold to flourish and cultivate to continue to destroy your home while making your family sick. Mold particles and spores are commonly found in most homes and because of the fact that the mold spores are airborne they can be spread throughout your entire house in a matter of seconds. Your air conditioning unit is more than likely spreading the mold spores throughout your home and depositing them in every room including your room and your children’s rooms. Any area in your home that is being exposed to moisture and water vapors can become a breeding ground for mold to form. Before mold takes control of your home you should have an inspection done to distinguish what is causing this mold crisis. In an inspection an experienced mold specialist will inform you of the source of your mold problems and will also give you recommendations of how to remove the mold or will recommend a certified professional to remove your mold problems.

A mold problem should never be ignored and should be addressed immediately. To find out more on how you can keep your family safe from the dangerous mold species living in your home please contact us.