Do you have mold in your A/C?
If you are experiencing nasal and chronic respiratory symptoms that you cannot explain, you may have a mold problem. This is especially true if the entire family or inhabitants of the house experienced similar symptoms which are mostly unresponsive to cold medications and antibiotics. Sometimes mold symptoms can mimic other conditions leaving the sufferer somewhat perplexed as to what is actually going on. If you chose to hire a mold removal Queens company to visit your home to test for the presence of mold, it would put you on the road to recovery.

Sometimes the problem may be as simple as cleaning out the AC ducts within your home. These air ducts are notorious for causing mold problems. Any good mold removal Queens company should be able to advice you about the source of your mold problem. Once the source is identified, the mold removal Queens contractors will help you determine the extent of the damage. If you are dealing with a leaky window or leaky roof, then your mold infestation may be more serious than you think as mold tends to conceal itself behind drywall.

The Florida mold removal company will inform you of any new infestations that might be likely; so make sure that they use infrared cameras to map the entire house thoroughly. This picture should give both you and the mold testing contractors a fair idea of the duration that you may have to evacuate the premises. Why evacuate you may ask. Sometimes if the mold problem is high enough that the concentration crosses certain levels, the Florida mold removal will insist that you move out for the period of the cleanup. Continuing to stay in the premises any longer will only exacerbate the problem as one’s asthma symptoms may get worse with continued prolonged exposure to mold spores.

It is important to follow the recommendations of the mold removal Queens company as they are aware of what concentrations are safe for human exposure. In the event that there is an evacuation, the mold removal Florida will work in an expedited manner to hasten the time that it would take for you to return to your home. If evacuating the home completely is not practical, the mold removal Florida company will barricade the functional part of the house by using plastic sheeting. This way a home stay is possible without putting the family in harm’s way.

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