Nigrospora sphaerica is an airborne filamentous fungus in the phylumAscomycota. It is found in soil, air, and plants as a leaf pathogen.[2] It can occur as an endophyte where it produces antiviral and antifungal secondary metabolites.[3] Sporulation of N. sphaerica causes its initial white coloured colonies to rapidly turn black.[1]N. sphaerica is often confused with the closely related species N. oryzae due to their morphological similarities.[4]


Often the common response to N. sphaerica in humans is hay fever or asthma.[12] N. sphaerica is not widely considered a true human pathogen, however there are various reported cases of Nigrospora species in human eye and skin infections.[16] Of those, there have only been a handful of reported cases of N. sphaerica infection in human.[12]

Source: Wikipedia