The Many Different Types of Mold

Found in Florida Homes and Buildings-

There are several main types of mold that might be found or form in your home.

Some of these molds are harmless and just need to be cleaned, other types of mold can cause serious health complications rapidly.

Some of these molds are dangerous if you are exposed to them whether through the air, direct contact, or even through ingestion. Some, like black mold are exceedingly dangerous if ingested through breathing or through the skin. Black mold is known to cause asthma and COPD as well as being fatal at times. Some household molds can be removed soap and high water, others with bleach and still others require professional removal.

All of this makes Black Mold the most dangerous household mold, even though it is not found in as high a quantity of spores as the other most common strains of household molds. These include Cladosporium, Penicillium, Alternaria and Aspergillus. All of these molds can cause health issues but it is the presence of the trichothecenes mycotoxins that make Black Mold so dangerous


  • Toxigenic Mold – Toxigenic mold is the most harmful type. It is less common to be found and causes fatal problems to the immune system in the body.
  • Indoor Mold – Indoor mold are the most common ones found. Pencillim and Aspergillus are the commonly found types.
  • Pathogenic Mold – Pathogenic mold are harmful and they cause severe infections and Pneumonitis.
  • Allergenic Mold – These are less harmful and may cause problems like scratchy throat, irritation in eyes, nose etc.


  • Untreated mold infestation can ruin your furniture and household items. If there is a presence of moisture on any of your household items, it can be an easy prey for mold infestation. These problems damage your household and even cause destruction of the surface. The infestation can spread to the other surfaces as well.
  • Both humans and animals suffer from a mold infestation. The toxigenic mold produces harmful mycotoxins that are fatal. Spores are produced by molds that cause allergies. Though these may be less harmful when present in small numbers however increase in the numbers can be fatal.
  • Neural diseases and death can be caused by Mycotoxins if present in a large amount.
  • Common symptoms of mold infestations are skin rashes, irritation, respiratory problems, irritation and miscarriage. Cancer can be a result of prolonged exposure to an infestation.
  • Spores from the mold results in respiratory diseases, allergies and other problems. Brian damage, lung cancer and other fatal diseases are a result of Stachybotrys, a toxic mold.

A recent survey by Mayo Clinic concluded that over 37 million residents in US are prone to sinus problems due to direct/indirect contact with mold infestations every year.

Tpes of Mold-


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